Our main job is to make you look and feel at your best. We don’t believe in actual fashion victims. The ones that sacrifice their comfort just to make an impression. But what we do believe is that a good design should not only fit you, but also your lifestyle. That’s why you might notice that some of our products have a little twist.

One of the permanent pieces we’re most proud of is the classic tuxedo shirt. Its collar has been reshaped not only to fit with your favorite bowtie, but also for you to unbutton it and enjoy a casual styling with sports shoes and your favorite pair of jeans. While we’re here, we invite you to try on some pants. Some elements from the active life of a jogger had been added so that you can feel comfortable even if you’re wearing a suit.

Apart of that, Omar (that you’ve met before), is constantly in search of inspiration since everything is designed in house. Always thinking one season ahead of us and surprising everyone with new collection moodboards that keep up with the pace of our modern life. Every piece takes its elements from a concept that may vary from subjects of breaking news, to social ones or even to a return to classic elegance. All shaped in our very own monocult style.

camasa alba ceremonie


We use  contemporary fabrics and high quality materials to assembly each and every piece of the collection. Our design sketches are brought to life in Romanian factories all over the country. We pay high attention to detail, so we constantly work to find the best suppliers to ensure everything gets put together just as we envisioned it.

We know you are a perfectionist. They say it takes one to know one. So if you think that what you just tried in store needs some small adjustments we’re here for you.

Oh, one more thing before we let you further explore the website. Even a cool person like you might run out of inspiration or need a small advice from time to time. When in need, feel free to contact us on Whatsapp. We’re always happy to help.





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